2017 in a Nutshell

2017 was a year full of happy memories.

We started the year travelling in New Zealand and then in May joined a cruise and traveled half way around the world, landing in Lisbon Portugal to greet Tony’s kids and grand kids.  A post to follow in the new year regarding our trip.

My daughters also later arrived with boyfriend and fiance.  We so enjoyed having our kids with us.  Showing them our heritage and culture and beautiful country.  We had a very special occasion where Alex proposed to Evelyn in Sagres Portugal and now look forward to having two more son in laws and two weddings to attend.

We enjoyed an amazing trip with Adilia and Phil where we traveled through northern Portugal and stayed at some pretty awesome Posadas.

Our plan was to stay 1 month in Portugal but extended our trip 3 times staying a total of 5 months. We spent some pretty special times with Roy and Lauren, Tony’s mom and Aunt Emilia.

Now we are happy to be at home in Vancouver to spend Christmas and New Years in Calgary with family and friends.

Looking forward to 2018 and making new memories.  Setting up our new home, possibly sailing back in the Caribbean on Joalea, Jessica and Jason’s wedding this summer to name a few.

Tony and I would like to wish friends and family a beautiful Christmas with joy and happy memories and a spectacular New Year!

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