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5 Responses to Contact

  1. Hi Tony & Margaret,

    Great to be in touch with you and we look forward to all your adventures.
    Happy New Year.

    Love M&M


  2. Janine says:

    Hello from Canada,

    I have been waitin for an update on the website. 🙂
    I hope everyone is doing well and you had a great time will Jess.
    I also hear you are going to be haveing some visitors soon:-)
    Hailey says “I’m comin with u neesey” (Denise)
    She says she going on the boat with Neesey and grandpa Tony. It’s really cute!!
    Everyone here is doing great!! Mike is workin the evening shift so we are still ajusting but it’s going ok. Ben is doing great. School is getting a little hard for him. He still likes to go to school so I guess that’s a good thing.
    Hailey and I talk to uncle Roy and Jody via Skype it was really cool. Hailey and Lauren had a great time with it. Also I talk to Avo celina the other day too. She sounds soo good and happy. I was a really nice chat. I think she was surprised to hear my voice:-)
    Well that’s all for now I would send some pictures of the kids but you say the Internet isnt very good. I got a new I phone so that’s how I do Skype now!!! Let me know when we can Skype so you can see the kids.
    Lots of love


  3. Charles says:

    Hi Margaret and Tony,

    It’s a great site to keep us well informed with where you are and how you are doing. Keep it up!

    Love from Charles, Ting Ting, Lucas and Bob


  4. Greg MacDonald says:

    Hi Margaret and Tony,
    Just heard from Barbara that you are going to have an operation on your back, so just thought we would wish you well from B and I and also all the girls at the art group. Let us know how you get on. Our love to you both. B and Greg


    • joaleaadventures says:

      Hello Greg & B. Happy New Year and thank you for all your well wishes :0 We’re back in Vanc and now waiting for confirmation on surgery date…will be this thurs or the 24th. Want it over with. Send my hello and hugs to everyone. M & T


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