Find out where Joalea is in the world now.


Feb 1 Leave Marsden Cove for Auckland
Feb 5 Joalea loaded onto Yacht Express destination Martinique via Ft. Lauderdale
Apr 7 Arrival Le Marin, Martinique Unloaded from Big Lift Transporter
Apr 10 Leave Le Marin and make our way to Grenada
Apr 30 Spice Island Marina Grenada


Feb 12 Leave Marsden Cove for Great Barrier Island
Feb 28 Leave Great Barrier Island for the Bay of Islands
Mar 4 arrive Bay of Islands Marina
April 27 Maunganui Bay
April 28 Marsden Cove


Marquesas to Tuomotus Fr Poly Palmerston Nuie Samoas Fiji

Jan-Mar During cyclone season at Marina Tahina monitoring the weather
Mar 19 Finally left the dock and cruised French Polynesia islands Kids with us for 3 weeks
May 7 Evelyn arrived in Raiaitea and we continued to cruise the Islands
Jun 15 Left Raiaitea Fr. Ploynesia for Palmerston Cook Islands
Jun 19 Arrive Palmerston
Jun 20 Left Palmerston
Jun 22 Arrived in Niue
Jun 29 Leave for Pago Pago American Samoa
Jul 1 arrive American Samoa
Jul 8 Leave for Western Samoa
Jul 8 Arrive in Western Samoa 739nm
Jul 23 Leave for Tonga
July 25 Arrive Neiafu Vava’u Group Tonga
Aug 26 Leave Tonga for Fiji
Aug 28 Arrived in Savusavu Vanua Levu Island, Fiji 446nm
Sept 23 Lesiaceva Point, Vanua Levu
Sep 25 Yadua Taba Island
Sep 28 Yasawa Island
Oct 1 Makalati Bay Nacula
Oct 2 ‘Blue Lagoon’ Nanuya Sewa Island
Oct 5 Naviti Island
Oct 6 Drawaqa Island
Oct 7 Vuda Point Viti Levu
Oct 8 Malolo Lailai Island
Oct 14 Port Denarau
Oct 17 Vuda Point Haul Out
Oct 28 Pt Denaurau
Nov 5 Passage from Fiji to Opua New Zealand
Nov 13 Arrive Bay of Islands Opua 1328nm
Nov 28 Leave for Marsden Cove Marina


Panama to Galapagos

February 25 Leave Shelter Bay Marina for Panama Canal Crossing Gatun Locks
February 26 Cross Mira Flores Locks arrive Panama City

Galapagos to Marquesas

April 7 Leave Panama for Galapagos
April 12 Crossed the Equator at 22:00
April 13 Arrived Isla San Cristobal Galapagos at 10:17am 921nm 6 days
April 20 Leave for Fatu Hiva, Hiva Hoa Marquesas
May 6 Arrived Fatu Hiva 19:05pm, 3,157nm 16 days traveled throughout the Marquesas
May 25 Leave for Tuomotus
Jun 7 Leave for French Polynesia
Joalea spent the remainder of the year in Tahiti Marina Tahina



Google Earth Map with our Paths to Panama Canal

January 17 Curacao to Aruba
January 23 Leave Aruba for Colombia
January 25 Santa Marta Colombia
February 5 Leave Santa Marta for the San Blas
February 7 Arrive Western Holandaises Cays, San Blas
February 9 Eastern Holandaise Cays
February 11 Eastern Lemon Cays
February 13 Povenir
February 14 Valentine’s Day in Portobelo, Panama
February 15 Arrive entrance to Panama Canal, Shelter Bay
April 28 Portobelo, Panama Kids arrived the 25th
May 1 Isla Linton, Panama
May 2 Chichime, San Blas
May 4 Western Lemon Cays
May 5 Eastern Lemon Cays
May 7 Western Hollandaise
May 10 Eastern Hollandaise
May 11 Eastern Lemon Cays
May 12 Shelter Bay Marina, Panama Joalea stayed at the marina while we traveled through Peru & Bolivia
July Returned to Joalea briefly before returning home to Vancouver & Portugal
October 16 arrive back on Joalea at Shelter Bay Marina
November – December continued cruising the San Blas returning to Shelter Bay Marina in January 2015 Dan spent Christmas with us




January 1 Mustique
January 3 Tobago Cays
January 5 Clifton, Chatham Bay, Union Island
January 6 Martins Bay, Grenada
January 8 Joalea left at Le Phar Bleu Marina, Grenada

February 26 Returned to Joalea
March 7 Left Le Phar Bleu to St. Georges, Grenada
March 8 Chatham Bay, Union Island
March 9 Clifton Harbour, Union Island, left for Tobago Cays
March 12 Bequia
March 13 Marigot Bay, St. Lucia
March 14 Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
March 16 Anse Mitan Marinique
March 17 Roseau, Dominica
March 20 Fort de France, Martinique
March 21 St. Anne, Martinique
March 23 Rodney Bay St. Lucia
Apr 2 Marigot Bay St. Lucia
Apr 3 Pitons, St. Lucia
Apr 4 Bequia
Apr 6 Mystique
Apr 8 Canouan
Apr 9 Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau
Apr 10 Tobago Cays
Apr 13 Clifton Union Island
April 14 Palm Island, Chatham Bay Union Island
April 15 St. Georges Grenada
Apr 17 Clarks Court Bay Grenada
Apr 18 Prickley Bay Grenada
Apr 23 Le Phare Bleu Grenada
May 14 Prickley Bay Grenada
May 15 St. Georges Grenada
May 16 Chatham Bay Union Island
May 18 Wallalabou St. Vincent
May 19 Rodney Bay St. Lucia
May 26 Pitons St. Lucia
May 27 Marigot Bay St. Lucia lve for St. Anne Martinique
May 30 Princess Margaret Beach Bequia
Jun 1 Mustique
Jun 4 Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau
Jun 5 Tobago Cays
Jun 7 Palm Island, Clifton Union Island
Jun 8 Chatham Bay Union Island
Jun 9 St. Georges Grenada
Jun 10 Prickley Bay Grenada
Jun 13 St. Georges Grenada
Jun 27 Blanquilla
Jun 29 Le Grande Roque, Los Roques
Jul 1 Isla Francisequis, Los Roques
Jul 3 Crasqui, Los Roques
Jul 6 Sarqui, Los Roques
Jul 8 Isla Carenero, Cayo Remanso, Los Roques
Jul 11 Cayo de Aqua, Los Roques
Jul 15 Isla Sur, Las Aves
Jul 18 Aves de Sortavento, Saki Saki & Curcai
Jul 21 Bonaire
Jul 29 Spanish Waters, Curacao


Fort Lauderdale, heading for St. Thomas Friday, January 6, 2012
Anegada, British Virgin Islands, January 13, 2012
Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVIs, January 14, 2012
Norman Island, BVIs, January 18, 2012
Peter Island, BVIs, January 20, 2012
Bitter End, Virgin Gorda, BVIs, January 23, 2012
Sopers Hole, Tortola, BVIs, January 24, 2012
Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVIs, January 25, 2012
Sopers Hole, BVIs, January
St. Martin, February 12, 2012
Jan 31 Christmas Cove
Feb 1 Caneel Bay
Feb 2 went for hike to plantation ruins
Feb 3 Jost Van Dyke
Feb 4 Norman Island
Feb 6 Nanny Cay
Feb 7 Great Harbour Peter Island
Feb 9 Marina Cay
Feb 10 Baths & Spanish Town Virgin Gorda
Feb 11 Bitter End, Saba Rock Virgin Gorda
Feb 12 Lve for St. Martin, anchor Marigot Bay
Feb 16 Grand Case
Feb 17 Tintamare, Orient Bay
Feb 18 Simpson Bay
Feb 19 Simpson Bay Lagoon, French side
March 3 Anegada Island
March 4 Charlotte Amailie
March 8 Christmas Cove
March 9 Kaneel Bay, Francis Bay
March 12 Norman Island
March 13 Peter Island
March 14 Cooper Island
March 15 The Baths & Trellis Bay
March 16 Foxi’s Joys van Dyke
March 17 Saba Rock Virgin Gorda
March 18 Soper’s Hole Francis Bay
March 20 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
March 23 Bitter End, Virgin Gorda
March 24 Simpson Bay, St. Martin
May 6 Anse de Colombier, St. Barts
May 9 Deep Bay, Antiqua
May 10 Falmouth Harbour, Antiqua
May 12 Terre de Haut, Les Saintes
May 14 St. Pierre, Martinique
May 15 St. Anne, Martinique
May 19 Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
May 20 Marigot Bay, Pitons, St. Lucia
May 21 Bequia
May 23 Brittania Bay, Mustique
May 24 Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau
May 25 Tobago Cays
May 28 Palm Island, clifton, Union Island
May 29 Chatham Bay, Union Island
May 30 Hillsborough, Carriacou
May 31 Prickley Bay, Grenada
June 8 Joalea hauled out Spice Island Marina

December 13 Joalea relaunched and headed to le Phare Bleu Marina
December 17 Prickley Bay then St.Georges, Grenada
December 18 Terrel Bay, Caricauco
December 19 Clifton Union Island
December 20 Chatham Bay, Union Island
December 24 Clifton Harbour, Union Island
December 25 Merry Christmas, Tobago Cays
December 29 Bequia

4 Responses to Location

  1. rafael says:

    Love your story…!!!, but the mahi mahi, was not as big a s you said…jejeje….you will catch another one much bigger…..I envy you two, keep enjoying it….have fun…drink lots of champagne, and rock the boat…!!!


  2. Janeta says:

    Love your posts and photos. What a wonderful life…Enjoy it! Tony, you look so happy! I am happy for you. 🙂


  3. Just thinking about your two. Just got back from Haiti Jamaica and Cozumel. Third time to Mex this year. Planning on sailing caribbean beginning of 2019. Wonder where you will be?


    • Joalea Adventures says:

      Hello Heidi, great to hear from you. We shipped our boat from New Zealand to Martinique and have now sailed to Grenada to haul out. Flying to Playa del Carmen for my daughter Jessica’s wedding. I think we’ll be in Cartagena for Christmas New Years then heading to Panama San Blas in New year 🙂 we’ll keep in touch, hugs to you both. PS haven’t had time to write my blogs 😦


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