Captain Tony

Captain Tony was born in Portugal and immigrated to Vancouver Canada at a young age of 15 with his parents and family.  Lived most of his life in Vancouver and caught the sailing bug in the 90s.  He sailed the British Columbia west coast and has spent 6 years sailing the Caribbean.  He left sailing for a few years but the sailing bug was always there.  Recently purchasing JOALEA with his first mate Margaret, they plan to sail the Caribbean then make their way through the Panama Canal and spend a very long time in the south Pacific and eventually make their way around the world.

First Mate Margaret

Margaret is also of Portuguese heritage, born in the Portuguese island, St. Miquel, Azores.  She immigrated at a very young age, 9 months old.  Grew up in northern British Columbia and southern Ontario and eventually made her way down to Vancouver and has spent more than half her life living in Vancouver.  Margaret had also done a bit of sailing on the west coast, the Gulf Islands and was a KYC sailing member in Vancouver, participating in weekly dingy racing.  Having recently moved to the Algarve in Portugal, Captain Tony whisked her away to spend this wonderful life of adventure together.

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